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Eolis Air Manager Attested 99.6% Effective Against Coronaviruses

Tests carried out by an independent laboratory have shown, after only ten minutes of operation, that the EOLIS Air Manager air purifier eliminates 99.6% of coronaviruses present in the air.

Eolisair, a pioneer and expert on indoor air quality issues, has been involved in the fight against Covid-19 since early 2020. The company was also referenced by the French Healthcare association as one of the players participating in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. It has equipped many hospitals with professional air purifiers in the Middle East, particularly in UAE.

The conclusive measurements, carried out in October 2020 by a French reference laboratory in microbiology and virology, provide further confirmation of Eolis Air Manager’s performance.

Tests carried out with an EOLIS Air Manager 600S as standard

At the end of a series of tests, carried out on a strain of human coronavirus (HCoV-229E) very similar to the strain SARS-CoV-2, the results showed that the professional air purifier EOLIS Air Manager made it possible to eliminate 99.6% of coronaviruses present in the test chamber, after only 10 minutes of operation.

The EOLIS Air Manager 600S purifier during laboratory tests

This 99.6% efficiency was obtained with a standard EOLIS Air Manager 600S device equipped with a Perform + filter unit composed in particular of a HEPA H13 filter certified according to standard NF EN ISO 29463-4 (formerly NF EN 1822- 4). An aerosol of droplets contaminated with a known concentration of coronavirus was nebulized for 5 minutes in a sealed enclosure. The 99.6% reduction rate was then measured after only 10 minutes of air treatment, at speed 2.

EOLIS Air Manager effective against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, responsible for Covid-19

"The results demonstrated by these tests allow us to confirm that our EOLIS Air Manager air purifier is effective in eliminating the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus from the ambient air, responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic" adds Anaïs Guyomarc'h, Director of Operations and Research & Development at NatéoSanté (Eolisair’s head office).

Indeed, “these two strains HCoV-229E and SARS-CoV-2 belong to the same family of coronaviruses. They have very similar structures and dimensions. Their transmission mechanisms in the air are comparable.”

EOLIS Air Manager: Performance Guaranteed

The efficacy tests on coronaviruses carried out by Eolisair’s head office complete all the existing performance reports to guarantee the overall efficiency of the EOLIS Air Manager:

  • On fine particles PM2.5

  • On Formaldehyde and Benzene

  • On Hydrogen Sulphide

  • On other micro-organisms (bacteria and molds)

The Perform + filter unit, with which the EOLIS Air Manager are fitted as standard, is made up of three main elements:

  • Bactericidal, virucidal and acaricidal filter - certified EN 1276 and EN 14675

  • Very high density activated carbon filter (THD)

  • HEPA H13 medical-grade filter - EN 1822-4 certified

The combination of these filters with other innovative technologies, such as germicidal UV-C lamps and the exclusive Active Oxygen function, contributes to the performance of EOLIS Air Manager on all indoor air pollutants.

The quality of the HEPA filters used has been certified and individually tested to guarantee their filtration performance. According to the French National Research and Safety Institute for the prevention of industrial accidents and occupational diseases (under the aegis of Social Security), “Only devices equipped with filters HEPA universal class H13 according to the 1822-1 standard make it possible to effectively stop aerosols."

The professional air purifier to secure enclosed

and collective spaces

At a time when the risk of transmission of the virus by aerosols is accepted in addition to droplets and fomites - barrier gestures, physical distancing, wearing a mask, and regular ventilation of an enclosed space remain the essential measures to protect against viral transmission. The installation of a professional air purifier then completes this health security system.

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