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LFJM prevents Covid-19 propagation with Eolisair’s professional air purifier

Lycee Francais Jean Mermoz (LFJM) located in Al Quoz, Dubai has recently acquired Eolisair’s professional air purifiers to ensure the safety of students and staff, following the protocols set by the government.

LFJM chose Eolis Air Manager ‘S’ model (1200S and 600S) with the unique active oxygen feature for deep cleaning. This exclusive function ensures total disinfection of the rooms in just one hour.

“We will use Eolis Air Manager in the clinic, isolation room, classrooms and auditorium.” – Principal Thomas Dentinger

Apart from installing the machines in the school’s premises, Eolisair team has successfully trained the professional cleaning staff of Lycee Francais Jean Mermoz about the usage and safety measures in using Eolis Air Manager before the new school year starts.

Five machines were used for actual demonstration to help the staff understand the features and how it works.

The unique feature of the machine, the ‘Active Oxygen Deep Clean treatment’ will be used regularly to effectively eliminate all disease-causing microorganisms in the room.

Now that the cleaning staff had been trained to operate the machine, they are now comfortable in using it with the safety instructions in mind.

Learn more about the sites we equipped with our professional air purifier, follow our updates on Linkedin:

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