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Eolisair's manufacturer referenced by French Healthcare association as a company fighting Covid-19

NatéoSanté, designer and manufacturer of professional air purifiers, has been listed by the French Healthcare association as a French player offering solutions that can be implemented in the management of the Coronavirus epidemic.

What is the French Healthcare association ?

Initiated as a brand by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, French Healthcare is now an association which is both a tool for coordinating the network of healthcare players and an instrument for the collective promotion of French know-how. French Healthcare aims to promote the French vision for global health, based on a humanistic approach to care but also a fair and equitable access to services and products relating to the health field.

COVID-19: contribution to the inventory of mobilizable French companies

French Healthcare Association gives a first list of French companies offering proven solutions that can be implemented in the management of the epidemic and patient care.

Objective: to have a global vision of the French response that can be mobilized in France as well as abroad.

A specific meeting was organized on Friday March 13, 2020 during which companies were able to make themselves known, and information has been continuously collected since this date.

This list will obviously be enriched progressively.

The companies are classified by categories of trades:

  • Vaccines and treatments (under development)

  • Diagnostic tests

  • Medical imaging

  • Masks and hydroalcoholic solutions

  • Management of waste from hospitals

  • Treatment/disinfection of hospital air

  • Isolation chamber

  • Remote monitoring of patients/applications for professionals

  • Transport/repatriation of patients

  • Home medical furniture

NatéoSanté is referenced in the Treatment/disinfection of hospital air category. Thanks to its indoor air purification solutions, which are designed to meet complex and difficult sanitary requirements, NatéoSanté helps limit the spread of the virus by air.

Its professional high-tech solutions, eco-designed and made in France, have a quality filtration system that meets health and hygiene requirements. NatéoSanté equips daily medical environments (hospitals, clinics, medical offices, nursing homes, etc.) as well as professionals exposed to high levels of indoor air pollution. The professional air purifier Eolis Air Manager effectively reduces the airborne spread of micro-organisms including viruses such as COVID-19.

Media Source: Nateosante's blog



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