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DSM Technology is Now Equipped with Eolisair’s Professional Air Purifiers to Prevent Covid-19

Deep Sea Marine (DSM) Technology, a company offering supply chain solutions in JAFZA, Dubai chose Eolisair to equip their office with professional air purifiers that prevent the spread of coronavirus in the air.

Eolis Air Manager 1200S installed in the open office space at DSM Technology

located in JAFZA View 19, Dubai, UAE.

Eolis Air Manager 1200S was installed in the big open space to effectively purify the air and remove all harmful pollutants. In the offices, four Hygeolis, our new product designed to treat microorganisms and odors in smaller spaces were implemented.

Hygeolis installed at DSM Technology's offices in JAFZA View 19, Dubai, UAE

Eolisair’s professional air purifiers have a revolutionary filtration system that eliminates all microorganisms including coronavirus and bacteria in the room. It has a unique active oxygen deep clean feature that disinfects the ambient air of the room and reduces the risk of coronavirus propagation in the offices.

Eolisair provides professional office solutions to companies like DSM to help them protect the health and well-being of their employees. We promote clean and healthy indoor air that increases productivity and lessens the rate of absenteeism in the workplace.

Furthermore, we have been highlighted in an article by the German Emirates Club with a special offer to its members on their website.

Learn more about Eolisair’s professional air purifiers, visit

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