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What is Active Oxygen and how does it work?

Active oxygen (Ozone) is a naturally occurring compound made up of three oxygen atoms (O3). It is formed when lightning storms or UV rays from the sun break up the oxygen molecule (O2). Some single oxygen atoms regroup back into di-atomic oxygen (O2) molecules to form ozone (O3).

Active Oxygen (O3) Combats Airborne Viruses

Research studies have been conducted about the effectiveness of Ozone (O3) gas in destroying viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungi. Unlike bacteria, viruses can only live and multiply inside a host cell.

Active oxygen (O3) breaks the capsid or exterior protein shell of the virus by oxidation. Once the lipid envelope of the virus is damaged, it can no longer survive. Enveloped viruses like the new coronavirus are more sensitive to physico-chemical stress than naked viruses. None of the viruses have protection against oxidative stress.

Viral infections can be acquired in public places such as hospitals, schools, nurseries, restaurants, and transport services. Moreover, the virus could be transmitted through person-to-person contact, transmission by a vehicle (water, food, inanimate objects), and even airborne transmission (through coughs, sneeze).

In a medical study about Ozone Efficacy, the findings suggested that ozone used at a low concentration combined with a high relative humidity becomes a powerful disinfectant for airborne viruses. Therefore, they recommended the use of air treatment inside hospital rooms.

Active oxygen (Ozone) is now being used as an air disinfectant in indoor environments to stop viral infections. An experiment on ozone disinfection in SARS contaminated areas proved the high effectiveness of ozone in reducing airborne virus in a vacant room. Since ozone is a gas, it can disinfect the entire room from the floor to the ceiling.

After disinfection, ozone is converted back to oxygen, leaving no harmful residue. With its superior strength and effectiveness as oxidant and biocide, air disinfection using ozone must be done when the room is unoccupied (see unique ‘deep clean’ treatment from Eolisair Medical Air Purifier).

With ozone’s incredibly good penetration capacity, powerful oxidizing power, and the absence of harmful residue after the treatment, it is safe to recommend it for complete disinfection inside contaminated environments.

Download the Active Oxygen Explained PDF file below:

Active Oxygen Explained
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