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Spanish Center counts on Eolisair

While air pollution has remarkable impact on our lungs, it has been confirmed that it affects our eyes as well, and significantly. Ocular surface diseases such as allergic conjunctivitis and dry eye diseases are one of the most well-known impacts of air pollution in the human's eyes.

Ophthalmology centers tend to give a high priority to the center's indoor air quality in a greater extent than any other medical center. Their operations and surgeries require high levels of hygiene and pureness because it deals with one of the most sensitive parts of human's body "The eyes". The eyes are small parts of human's body and sometimes, people might think that the eyes' diseases can be treated by any doctor regardless of his specialization, but in fact the eyes require a great attention to details, precision and in-depth knowledge, indeed.

Spain has been the destination for the eyes' diseases patients, specifically from the Arabian Gulf, for more than 5 centuries. They have developed a favorable worldwide reputation for their highly skilled ophthalmology specialists. This can be one of the reasons why Spanish Center was founded in UAE in 2014 under the supervision of Dr. Tamer Salem. Following their commitment "We see our future through your eyes.", they have become one of the best clinics in UAE for Ophthalmology, Lasik and Cosmetic.

Eolis Air Manager 600s in Royal Spanish Center, Abu Dhabi

Following Spanish Center's aim to provide an advanced and high quality services to their patients by ensuring high standards of air quality that will allow them to make their sensitive and precise eyes surgeries, they have decided to count on Eolisair as their main professional air purifier. Spanish Center has made their decision based on two main factors:

1. Eolisair Outstanding Filtering System

2. Deep Clean Feature

Eolisair outstanding filtering system

Apart from its innovative design and unique technological features, Eolis Air Manager is the only professional air purifier that has an outstanding filtering system, consisting of 4 main filters:

  1. Antibacterial, virucidal and arcaricidal Prefilter

  2. Very High Density activated Carbon filter

  3. Medical HEPA Filter or ULPA Filter

  4. Photocatalysis filter combined with the UV Lamp

All of the above filters work together to ensure a high filtration of the indoor air by eliminating all types of micro-organisms, even the finest particles. Through Eolis Air Manager, Spanish Center's indoor air will be purified continuously, thus shortening the time and allowing an efficient process to perform their surgeries and operations.

The below graph illustrates the process that micro-organisms go through when purified by our unique and innovative professional air purifier "Eolis Air Manager".

Deep Clean Feature

The other main reason that made Spanish Center places their trust on Eolis Air Manager in purifying their indoor air is the Deep Clean feature. Deep Clean feature (Activ Oxygen) is one of the main features that distinguish Eolis Air Manager from other air purifiers.

Indoor air purification through Eolis Air Manager Active Oxygen mode is based on the production of ozone (O3) in controlled amounts. Ozone is naturally present in the atmosphere and is a powerful oxidant that reacts with organic or inorganic compounds and kills airborne microorganisms.

Should you want to know more about Deep Clean (Activ Carbon), Watch the video below.



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