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Ludovic Labidurie, CEO of Eolisair speaks about IEQ with CCM.

Ludovic Labidurie during Arab Health 2020 - January

While energy efficiency is a target of building-retrofit projects in the region, can the same be said of indoor environmental quality (IEQ)?

In an interview with Hannah Jo, Assistant Editor at Climate Control Magazine, Ludovic Labidurie, CEO, Eolisair, has clarified that such considerations are especially vital for stakeholders in the Middle East, says in review of the region’s climactic conditions. “The Middle East is mainly composed of sand, which bring a lot of PM 2.5,” he says. “These PM 2.5 are known as a serious threat to human health, if we’re exposed to a high concentration daily.” Very aware of this phenomenon, Labidurie says that authorities have implemented stringent guidelines to address the issue, with the UAE taking a leadership role in this regard.

Labidurie adds that, generally speaking, IEQ ( Indoor Environmental Quality ) is the aspect that gets most negatively impacted by refurbishment, also citing the problem stemming from a drastic increase in harmful VOCs in such projects, as well as improper design and operational practices. “Taking into account IEQ when retrofitting a building is already a big step,” he says. “We’ve observed that sadly, sometimes the person responsible for a project doesn’t take into account the maintenance of systems or devices, which enable to drastically [improve] IEQ.” It is under these circumstances, he says, that IEQ is not appreciated as a core element that contributes to a better life.

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