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Eolisair is in Doors Premium Restaurant

One of our customized version of Eolis Air Manager has been implemented in Doors Premium Restaurant in Al Seef Dubai Creek.  

As shown above, Eolis Air Manager has been designed in a way that matches the decor of the premium restaurant. The color has been changed to gold, just like the main color used in the restaurant, which communicates the premium and the high-end nature. Moreover, the logo of the Doors premium restaurant has been added in the machine.

It is worth mentioning that including air purifier in a restaurant has a real impact. Restaurants are continuously prone to smells coming from cooking, some of those smells might be unpleasant to the guests and can impact their experience negatively. Eolis Air Manager uses modern and innovative techniques which eliminates all the odors and smells in the restaurant effectively. Moreover, its unique filtering system has been manufactured in a way that assures the elimination of all the fine and harmful particles.

Doors Freestyle Grill is a high-end premium restaurant, located in Al Seef Dubai Greek. The restaurant serves premium and exceptional options such as steaks, seafood,Turkish food and not to mention their refreshing array of handcrafted mocktails.

Visit their website to know more about the premium restaurant!

Would you like to know how Eolisair can customize the machine in a way that fits your indoor decoration? Contact us or write us a comment below.



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