Why choose Eolis professional air purifier ?

UAE hotels welcomed an uncountable number of visitors each year, especially in Dubai. Despite huge efforts to maintain a high standard of hygiene, a lot of pollutants remain in the air such as :

  • Bad odours

  • Bacteria & viruses

  • Dust mites

  • Fine particles (PM2.5)

  • VOCs (Chemicals)


air manager

Helps you to keep your rooms in service

Designed to deliver the best performance, Eolis air manager is the only device able to manage the air. Show that you are going the extra mile in taking care of your guests.

It enables to :


  • Avoid the spread of bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, etc

  • Disinfect rooms, lobby, bar, etc

  • Eliminate bad odours

  • Eliminate VOCs

Equip your rooms for free with our new

revenue-sharing model

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