Why choose Eolis professional air purifier ?

Because of the weather in UAE, children spent 90 % of their time indoors and despite a huge efforts to maintain a high standard of hygiene, pollutants still remain in the air. These can vary from :

  • Bacteria's

  • Viruses

  • Dust mites

  • Fine particles (PM2.5)

  • VOCs (Chemicals)

  • Bad odours

Children and staff members are prone to suffering from health problems related to poor indoor air quality both in the short term (fatigue, nausea, loss of concentration, etc.) and in the long term (asthma, respiratory allergies, etc.)

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air manager

Show to the parents that you care

Designed to deliver the best performance, Eolis is the only device able to manage the air. Show that you are going further in taking care of your little ones.

It enables to :


  • Avoid the spread of bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, etc

  • Disinfect classrooms and playing area

  • Eliminate bad odours

  • Eliminate VOCs (chemicals)

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